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Important Dates

June 18 - Grade 8 Graduation

More information coming!

Parking lot SAFETY - everyday!

Be vigilant in the parking lot. Watch for students. Drive slowly. Follow the signs of Enter and Exit as indicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child get his/her belongings?
Students will be allowed safe access to DSBN schools soon . Information is coming.

Will my Grade 8 child have a graduation and grad photos?
The DSBN has worked to follow Public Health guidelines and has a plan for graduation and photos. More Information will be coming shortly.

Can I opt out of the Learn at Home Program?
We have had some inquiries from students and parents asking if the Learn at Home assignments provided by teachers is mandatory. It is an expectation that students engage in the assignments provided by ALL teachers. We know that some students may struggle with some assignments. If this is the case, please contact your child’s teacher. We have supports available to help our students. We also suggest that students work on their assignments during the day as this is when staff are available to help either online or on the phone. Please connect with us, we are here to help.


Welcome to Ontario Public School!

We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Ontario Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect.

Our Board is focused on literacy and numeracy achievement and creating an environment where we are working together on our goal of success for every student. We also value the community partnerships and parent involvement which are so crucial to a successful education for our students.

As most of you are aware, changes were made to our parking lot procedure for morning drop off. After consulting with parents and staff, a plan was devised that has been going very well. If your child is in Kindergarten, please park and walk your child safely to the Kinder Yard. To drop off students in grade 1-8, you can drive to the front of the school, in a single line of cars, and have your child exit the car on the right side (closest to the school), once you get to the pylon marking the passenger exit spot. Exit the lot at the north end. This process makes it safe for drop off as students are close to the school and there are no cars between your child and the school.

If you wish to walk your child to the school or if you wish to come into the school, you will need to park in the lot.
Busses will enter the parking lot on the far south end to drop off students. When the busses pull out, you will need to yield to them.

There are no changes to the parking lot procedure at the end of the day, but parents are reminded to park in the spaces provided in the lot and not block the entrance. If there are no spots left, please park at the Avondale. No one is to walk between busses, and you are asked to walk your child to your car.
Thanks for adhering to this in order to keep our parking lot safe for arrival and dismissal. Please help by reminding people of the new procedure. If we all work together, we can keep students safe.

Mrs. Milani

Niagara Region Child Care Registry

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is currently in the process of determining the viability of before and after school child care programs at all schools.

If you currently use or plan to use before and after school child care, it is important that you register or update your child care needs on the Niagara Region Child Care Registry, OneHSN portal at https://niagara.onehsn.com

Once you've logged in, please choose the specific school site from the drop-down menu (e.g., DSBN - School Name) within the registry portal.

You must register or update your child care needs each year. This must be completed no later than March 8th, 2019.

Please be advised that child care will only be established in schools where there is sufficient, demonstrated need for a viable child care program. If the data provided by the applicant does not show sufficient numbers, these schools will not have child care.

The registry is available in both English and French. Below is a set of detailed instructions.

If you have any questions or require support regarding the Niagara Child Care Registry, OneHSN, please contact Jackie Galloway at the Niagara Region at 905-980-6000 Ext. 3817.

Full Instructions

What is SafeArrival?

At District School Board of Niagara, one of our greatest priorities is ensuring that all our students arrive safely at school each day.

To enhance our existing absence-checking procedure, we are introducing a new, more efficient student absence reporting system called SafeArrival. This new system will reduce the time it takes to verify student attendance, make it easy for you to report your child's absence and easy for staff to respond to unexplained student absences.

With SafeArrival, you are asked to report your child's absence in advance using any of these 3 convenient methods:

  1. Using your mobile device, download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (or from the links at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca). The first time you use the app, select Sign Up to create your account. Select Attendance then Report an Absence.
  2. Use the SafeArrival website, at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca. The first time you use the website, select Sign Up to create your account. Select Attendance then Report an Absence.
  3. Call the toll-free number 1-866-606-5567 to report an absence using the automated phone system.

These options are available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. Future absences can be reported at any time.

The SafeArrival app will have a number of benefits for both parents and staff. It is quick, convenient and will allow you to report daily absences as well as schedule future absences for your children for medical appointments and other important events in your lives. Using SafeArrival, you will be able to update your contact information easily, should it change. SafeArrival will also reduce the amount of staff time dedicated to tracking student absences, allowing them to spend more time supporting students.

In addition, we will use the SchoolMessenger Communicate automated notification system to contact parents whose child is absent when the absence was not reported in advance. The automated notification system will attempt to contact parents at multiple contact points until a reason is submitted for the absence. If our system is unable to reach the designated contacts, office staff will follow up.

If you report your child's absence in advance using the SafeArrival toll-free number, website or mobile app, you will NOT receive these notifications.

If you have not provided us with an email address, you may do so by contacting the school secretary by calling 905-227-2851 prior to Monday, January 28,2019. After that date, you will be able to set up your account by visiting the Safe Arrival site via the link which will be available on our school website.

Starting Monday, January 28,2019, please report absences in advance using SafeArrival instead of sending notes or calling/emailing the school.

Starting Monday, January 28,2019, staff will begin using the SafeArrival notifications to let you know if your student is absent (when you haven't reported the absence in advance).

If you have children attending other schools, please continue to report absences using the existing procedures for those schools.

Safe Arrival FAQ