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Code of Conduct

Dress Code

1. Hats or head coverings are to be removed before entering the school or participating in school trips or activities. Religious head coverings are exempt.

2. Blouses, shirts or tops that reveal bare midriffs or undergarments when the arms are extended up and to the side are not to be worn in the school or during any of its activities or field trips. Straps on shirts must be appropriate for a school environment. No halter-tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, see-through or mesh tops (unless over an appropriate undershirt) are to be worn.

3. Shorts and skirts are to be of a length that is appropriate to a school environment and that does not reveal undergarments in the normal range of movement. An appropriate guide is the length of your arms with fingers extended.

4. Low riding pants, shorts and skirts are to be worn above the hip points and in such a fashion that undergarments are not revealed.

5. Clothing which advertises or promotes alcoholic beverages, drugs, violence or racism or that displays obscene, distasteful or hurtful messages is not to be worn at school, on field trips, or activities.

6. Spiked, studded collars, wrist bands, etc. and "hardware" chains (used as wallet chains or jewelery) are not to be present in the school, or on school sponsored field trips or activities.

7. All clothes are to be appropriate for the learning environment as deemed so by the staff at the school.

Behaviour and Language

-no weapons or weapon-like devices.

-no fighting or body contact.

-follow appropriate social expectations during trips or outings.

-no rollerblading, skateboarding, riding scooters or bikes on school property.

-no cell phones or pagers on school property

-no profanity.

- no sexist, racist or provocative comments.

-no rude or challenging comments or gestures.

Consequences Include:

-Office warning and possible detention.

-Sent home to change inappropriate clothing.

-Contact home plus detention or restitution or removal of privileges or community service - type activities or a combination thereof.

-Suspensions (in-school or at home).